the hours, the minutes and the days        2012

carol used to be  j.petitt

lula's heart   d.torres

sorry don't   j.petitt

i'm a man   d.torres

and ana too   d.torres

don't wait   j.petitt

snowflakes   d.torres

wicked woman   j.petitt

she's all summer   d.torres/j.petitt

you've got wings   j.petitt

old angel   d.torres

last round   j.petitt

 Hand Me My Wings      2003

fork in the road   j.petitt

girl with the eyes   d.torres

find your way   j.petitt

open road   d.torres

you're my home   j.petitt

best i've seen   d.torres

worn out love   d.torres

one train   j.petitt

woman, you don't appreciate me   d.torres

steals my heart   j.petitt

in my world   j.petitt

what have i done   d.torres

 This is This       1998

head over heals   d.torres

i don't know where   j.petitt

when i wake tomorrow   d.torres

stay   j.petitt

under the glow   d.torres

star of the show   d.torres

waggin' a dog   j.petitt

never too far   j.petitt

i want you   d.torres

sleep away   j.petitt

here am i  d.torres

angel   j.petitt

 Odds and Ends
A version of She's All Summer that never made it onto a CD.

Our complete interview on WCKG Chicago's Stan and Terry Slippin' Into Darkness


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