Eric pounding out the backbeat at Lincolnwood Fest!

John,  just barely controlling his Inner Crazy at Lincolnwood Fest!

Don and his 'frankenstein' bass at Lincolnwood Fest!

Playing at Durty Nellie's in Palatine!

Don singing with extra cheese!

Eric figuring out which one to hit next!

John channeling Michael Jackson!

Long Grove Strawberry Fest!

Eric checks
for aliens

The blurry John


Eric's drum jungle

Jazzy John

Basement Don

Eric at the full kit!

We're ALL monkeys!

B I G earmuffs!

My dog has no nose. How does he smell? Awful!

Elmhurst Art Fair

You don't want to know the conversation that prompted this!

If you ask a question and this answer comes up, you know you're in trouble!

Now Don checks for the landing of the mothership.

On the Stan and Terry Radio Show 105.9 WCKG! Quote from the show, "Hey, you're just dudes!" Yes, we are!

Playing at the Arlington Heights Farmers Market... Eric on the djembe!

photos by
dave ladner and Jill Torres